Chimney Mantel A Requisite? Why?

A chimney mantel is a requisite when it comes to placement of a fireplace. Once installed, fireplace mantels need only an annual servicing or occasional cleansing. Omega chimney mantels is one such provider that caters decorative pieces of fireplace mantels which lasts for years to come.

At times, some are sceptical about the necessity of procurement of such a substance in their home. Though a fireplace alone might look manageable without any outer covering, such perceptions tend to lead to future regrets.

Here mentioned below are some of the reasons to why a chimney mantelpiece is a requisite:


It is a very difficult task to maintain a fireplace as the ash which continuously emerges from the fireplace has to be contained otherwise the walls of the surrounding areas will suffer the damage. Not just that, the ash is a health concern as well for the individuals residing.  Hence, with the placement of a chimney mantel, the ash or the smoke will be contained.


An open fireplace will be a cause of threat to the inhabitants of the place as its surrounding substances can catch fire. With the installation of a chimney mantel, the fire can safely stay for at least five hours and the hot coal can light the fire for the next time you require it as well.

Hence, to contain this heat, a chimney mantel is a requisite. Otherwise, it is hazardous, especially for toddlers.

Stash spot

The chimney mantel can prove to be a storage area for the room for stashing the equipment used to make the fire. Constructing a fireplace utilizes specific tools which may not be that presentable for the room viewers. Hence, the storage facility which the chimney mantel offers proves beneficiary.

The shelves that are placed above the chimney place can be used to keep family pictures, books and other decorative items like small bowls, flower pots, small ornamental statues and so on.


The chimney mantel becomes the focal point of the spectators in the decoration aspect. It can be termed as the attention grabber of the room with its prominent size and architectural carvings involved. Especially, the cast stone mantels provide your abode with a contemporary outlook which is definitely pleasing to the eyes.

The above-mentioned are the reasons why a chimney mantel is a required asset in your setup. And, I think they are enough to get you going in search of that perfect mantelpiece.

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