Cavity Wall Insulation Claims – After PPI Comes A New Epidemic Claims Crisis

Cavity wall insulation claims are blowing up in the United Kingdom, with the amount of companies’ entering the market and complaints being filed (both) more than doubling over the last 3 years, it is safe to say that there is a problem that the affected need to pay attention to because it could be to their benefit.

Cavity wall insulation claims – No Win No Fee Claims Management Companies

There has been an explosive growth in the number of claims management companies’ in  and around the UK with many companies’ opening their doors to claimants and providing a service to facilitate cavity wall compensation claims.  

These services generally include everything a claimant needs to win compensation, with a surveyor being arranged to visit the property and make a full assessment if the cavity installation is considered faulty.

If the cavity wall insulation is considered to be mis sold, this is also grounds for a compensation claim, so there is more than one thing cavity installers can be called out on when considering this type of complaint.

Cavity wall insulation claims – How Long Do They Take?

On average these claims take approximately 3-4 months to complete from start to finish. That includes the entire claims process, from the initial enquiry all the way through to the payout and the compensation being issued to the victim.

What is the Average Amount Of Compensation For Cavity Wall Claims?

Average compensation payouts for cavity wall claims are in the region of £10,000-£23,000, this is essential funding for people who don’t want to be out of pocket as a result of the cavity wall needing to be fixed and replaced.

How is it Possible For These Cavity Wall Claims To Be Carried Out No win No fee?

Cavity claims management companies will assess a cavity wall case before taking it on to establish whether or not the claim is a viable one.

If the claim is viable then it will go ahead, so the viability is checked before the claim progresses too far, this is how companies can offer the service on a conditional ‘no win no fee’ arrangement, making it an attractive ‘no risk’ proposition for any potential claimant for mis sold or faulty cavity insulation installations.

Are There Hidden Costs Associated With A No Win No Fee Arrangement?

With no win no fee claims, usually the fees are paid as a percentage (plus vat) at the end of the claims process.

These no win no fee arrangements generally don’t carry hidden charges, however some of them may carry an admin fee at some stage in proceedings due to the administrative costs involved with the process and if work has been put into a claim that is not viable, but generally you would be warned about this if it was the case. 

How Do I Begin A Cavity Claim?

There are a number of different companies, websites and other resources out there to help you with cavity wall insulation issues: Citizens advice, trading standards and other organizations.

Even a quick Google search will bring you a range of different results for companies’ which can help you.