Can Bad Gutters Cause Moisture in My Basement?


There are many causes for moisture in your basement, but every single one of them signifies that there’s something wrong with your home. Moisture appears in places where water isn’t properly dealt with. And yes, gutters can increase moisture levels in the basement. They can cause leaks and severe floods too.

Besides basement waterproofing and window wells, another amazing thing you can do for your basement is regularly clean and inspect your gutters. Here is why:

Importance of Gutters

Gutters have a very important role for your home. Their main responsibility is to direct excess rainwater to a proper disposal area. For each home, that area or end destination for the water varies. For some it is the sewer and for other it is simply on the street, downhill.

Also, gutters should be cleaned at least twice a year and right after every storm. This is done because they can get clogged very easily. From leafs and debris to bird nests, the entire functionality of your home’s drainage can become harmed just because of a few dusty points.

We mentioned how gutters have the role of transporting excess rainwater and when they gutters get clogged and detached, water will immediately change direction and start going where it isn’t supposed to. There are three possible scenarios:

  1. Water will accumulate on the roof and build immense pressure on its structure.
  2. Water will fall into large splashes directly on the ground, destroying plant life and soil.
  3. Water will start traveling through exterior walls, creating cracks and leaks on the way.

All of these three lead to one thing – basement damage. So, as it travels through your home, water will do severe damage. But wherever it passes through, its end destination will be in the lowest point. Water isn’t immune to gravity. This force always pulls it downwards and the lowest point in your home is of course the basement.

What to do?

If you suspect that you have water issues in the basement or bad gutters above, get an expert opinion. Such situations shouldn’t be ignored and most often lead to severe house damage. There have been cases where the gutters not only damaged the basement, but cracked the whole foundation as well.

So, moisture is the least dangerous scenario. Afterwards there are leaks, then a flood and finally a loan for a new house. Besides calling experts, you can also take better care of your home. This includes frequent gutter cleaning, installing proper basement waterproofing systems and regular inspections.