Buy Authentic African Arts Online & Beautify Your Home Decor

Africa and its culture has always drawn people to it. It has a very mesmerising and mysterious nature to it. Africa and its culture is captured in many forms. One of the very important and more visual way is through its art. When you observe African art you can experience the very strong connection between human and nature in all the art forms. African art takes many forms and is made from many different materials. Often depicting the abundance of surrounding nature of people and nature of Africa, the art can be seen as interpretations of animals, plant life, or natural designs and shapes.

Have you always wanted a piece of Africa in your home? Our website offers you that and then some more. All you need to do is check the various categories that we have arranged for you. There are many categories from textile to statues to instruments. Ordering them is easy, you can do that online and we offer free shipping within US and for a small charge if the location is outside of USA. Do you have any questions do drop us a line and we will provide you with answers.

Let us know take you through some of the interesting items we have collected from different African tribes. African masks are one of the foremost thing that would come to our minds when we think of Africa. African masks are one of the popular because of the medium used, its beauty and uniqueness. African masks are generally made of wood but you can come across masks with other materials as well in our website. These masks are carved by expert craftsman.

Another part of African art that you can buy from our website is the African Mud cloth or Bogolanfini which is cotton fabric dyed with fermented mud. Various organic colours and patterns and expertise go into making of these special fabric. Interest in Mud cloth has been growing over the years and can be turned into various clothing of your choice right from skirts, jackets or robs or just frame it and make it a home décor.

African statues and African Instruments is also a very important portion of Africa that we bring to your doorstep.  African statues generally depict human figures or important elements of African culture. Organic materials are mainly used in making African statues.They are made of different materials like terracotta or metal or wood. African weapons is another interesting item that we have sourced for you.  The one we have brought for you is from the Masai tribe which is the warrior African weapon including shield and spears. This is not all we have a good collection of weapons from different parts of Africa. Do check our website for different categories and adorn your home with the finest of African art.