Building Resilient Roofs for Securing Shelters


Maurice Harrison, a military veteran, owns Kanga Roof and operates it from Elkridge, Maryland. For over 15 years, this roofing company has provided efficient roofing services to both homeowners as well as commercial property owners. Repairing and restoring roofs is one of the major services they offer to residential homes. Their residential services also include replacements and installations at an inexpensive price. With the help of quality roofing materials ranging from flat roofs to tilted roofs, they manage to fix a variety of problems.

When it comes commercial roofing, Kanga Roof offers cost-effective services with a wide variety of materials, including:

  • Metal Roof Restoration
  • Spray Foam Polyurethane
  • Membrane Coating
  • Single Ply Membrane

Kanga Roof offers durable materials for achieving the highest quality of service and also provides a clear assessment on commercial roofs. Their services related to steel roofing ensure longevity and protection against rust and grime. They claim to realise how inadequate steel roofing repair or an installation of a poor quality can cause a considerable damage to the metal roof. According to them, restoring a metal roof saves expenses in the way of maintaining the property well, since the pre-existing metal roof is simply re-used.

For repairing low-sloped and flat roofs, a spray of Polyurethane can be useful. A-1 Kanga Roof’s spray system is absolutely waterproof and resistant to leaks. In case a commercial roof made of PVC or a single-ply roof suffers from damage, a roofing membrane coating system can help to protect the surface and preserve the quality of older roofs.

Clearly enough, A-1 Roofing’s Kanga roof adopts the most cost-effective methods to produce high quality results. They always promote a sense of security and comfort with their trustworthy service when it comes to residential as well as commercial roofing.