Bathroom Design Trends Going Away In 2023  

         The bathroom is a vital part of the house that hasn’t received much attention throughout designer history, usually having the living room and bedroom receive all the attention. But thankfully, this is becoming a thing of the past. We haven’t really seen any innovative bathroom trends in 2022, mostly due to everyone still recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic. But this is changing as of the turn of the year. We are seeing more and more unique trends emerging. And with more trends on the horizon, we can finally say goodbye to some outdated trends that we are surprised to have lasted this long. So, let’s see what bathroom trends are finally going away in 2023. 

1) The Minimalism Plague

Minimalism has taken the world by storm. As of recently minimalism is implemented in almost every part of the house, and the bathroom is no exception. But at some point, we have to start saying enough. People have become tired of seeing minimalism in every corner of a house, at this point the house is becoming a vacant house for sleeping and eating, and nothing more. Almost devoid of any personality aside from a single painting, there can be no traces of beauty in a room with this mindset. People can rarely pull off a slick minimalist look, and everyone is starting to realize this. So, we can safely say that in 2023 the trend of minimalism is dying down for bathrooms. People are louder about expressing their wishes for a dynamic and colorful bathroom.

2) Large Format Wall and Floor Tiles

Large format tiles have been heavily in use in the last couple of years. While there is nothing wrong with them per se, they can be seen as tacky and too industrial. We can see a steady return to traditional smaller floor tiles that are becoming the main fashion for bathrooms yet again. Larger tiles go almost hand in hand with minimalism, so it would only make sense for the decline of minimalism to also result in the decline of large tiles. With decorations becoming the vocal point of a bathroom, you will want to have smaller tiles that will complement them and add extra attention to detail. This will result in the bathroom looking like a room to adore by itself instead of just a storage area where you do your business. We can already see a rising trend for small bathroom tiles in Sydney. So, don’t wait to miss the bus.

3) Having a Sterile-White Bathroom

While most décor experts will recommend you go for a lighter color in your bathroom, no reputable source will tell you to go all-white in your bathroom. True, they have been a staple for designers for as long as we can remember, but people are just tired of the same old, same old all-white. It’s sterile and doesn’t add any life to the bathroom. It results in the age-old problem of the bathroom being completely neglected in favor of other rooms to have all the care and attention. Now don’t get us wrong, there is nothing wrong with having a lighter color for your bathroom. We still wholeheartedly suggest opting for a lighter color scheme but don’t go overboard. People choose white for the bathroom primarily because of its clean implications, and how it makes the room feel larger. This, however, is an overused excuse. A darker bathroom can accomplish this perfectly as well. The factor you need to look out for is whether the bathroom color will fit the entire atmosphere of the house. A darker color is all the more pronounced if the bathroom does not have a natural light source.

4) Hollywoodesque Lighting

A good way of making the bathroom feel like an extravagant room is with flashy lighting (pun intended). But this has been taken to its limits as of late. Sure, we like to act like we are Hollywood stars from time to time, but there is no reason our house has to suffer because of this. An awful trend of decorating the bathroom with Hollywoodesque lighting (having high-intensity lights shine extremely bright all over your bathroom mirror) is not a good décor choice for… well… anyone really. Actors need it to enhance visibility for applying makeup and for several other film-related reasons. Unless you are a movie star, there isn’t a reason for you to have this type of lighting.

5) Chevron Patterns

Chevron has its users split. Some absolutely love it, while others despise it. Many designers have voiced their concerns about this type of tiles being used in the bathroom. It results in a tacky look that makes the bathroom look like a modern farmhouse. So, unless this is an aesthetic you want to achieve, you should probably avoid it. Aside from Chevron tiles, you should ditch the rugs and towels that also have this pattern.

6) Humongous Tubs

Does this one need explaining? Frankly, it’s surprising that this was a trend to begin with. It doesn’t add any utility since you already have more than enough space in it, you will lose out on extra space in the rest of the room, and you will spend a lot more water (especially if you like taking baths) which is horrible for so many reasons, and it is horribly impractical. Now that the rant is done, we can move forward.

7) Making Copper Materials the Main Point of Your Bathroom

Copper had its moments in the past, but sadly, that moment is now gone. They were innovative and unique when they were introduced, but they have steadily been losing their popularity over the years. In their place, we can see a lot more silver and bronze materials being used. Some designers have even vouched for gold but that is entirely unreasonable for the average Joe.

 Those would be the main bathroom design trends that are finally being laid to rest in 2023. And what an exciting time is in front of us to see what will be coming in their place. Till next time!