Bad News For Burglars: Home Owners Knows What You Look In Their Homes.

This year KGW’s investigative team published a survey on 86 inmates jailed for burglary. They would search for cash, credit cards, jewelry and electronic once they break into a home. Most of them will start with the master bedroom for valuables. Another one claimed that he would search “Everywhere! From the stove and freezer to the fish tank and toilet tank, bookshelves and in boxes of cereal.” Homeowners, here is what thieves look for in your home?


Burglar love cash. They get immediate gratification from stealing it. If you store your money in places like a bookcase, small safe or side table, you become a potential target.


Everyone values family heirlooms, including burglars. Place them where everyone can see, and they will want them. Be creative. Find a spot to stash them other than your drawers. A place like a safe deposit box would work.


Criminals avoid a home with gun and firearms. They don’t like a locked cabinet or gun safe. But the same people can go the extra mile when they need it. It can be for resale purposes.

Prescription drugs

Believe it or not, prescription drugs are priced items for thieves. They love them because of their resale value and to use them. Most burglars head straight to the cabinet as they are easy to find.


Once a thief enters into your home, they will stop at the garage to find something they can use to subdue you. The garage also has other tools that will bring them a wad of money after resale.


 Burglars often raid liquor stashes. They view it as a beehive, especially when you are not home. If you like a nice bottle of wine, champagne or a single malt scotch, be mindful of where you store it.

Identity-related information

Your credit cards, driving license and passport has sensitive information that thieves love. Once they get their hands on the information, you will wish they took that single malt scotch. That gun or money won’t make sense any more. Hide your identity related information as far as possible. They are precious.

No one knows when, how or where a burglar will attack. They are unpredictable. No one can also fully protect themselves from thieves, but some suggestions can work. Investing in cameras and security system, or a protective dog can keep burglars away. Avoid stranger posing like locksmith can also help.