Are pests safe for my little ones?

Pests are not only harmful to you but also to your little ones. If you have kids and pets then there is an issue. They are dangerous and are known to bring a lot of problems. Pests like mosquitoes and rats carry with them numerous diseases. They transmit deadly diseases to your family and pets.

Nearly 45000 people are affected by rat related diseases. So go in for services like Rove pest control when you are in need.

A few among the major insects which does not sound friendly when it comes to kids and pets are,


Bugs can make things worst. They can both your children and pets. Bed bugs will bite your children and cause red patches on their skin. They also cause diarrhea and vomiting. Especially in some cases, the dogs might eat them up leading to all this.


Be it a kid or an adult, it leaves none. They are extremely irritating and are known to transmit a number of diseases. Malaria and Dengue are some among those. However, following certain steps can help stay away from those. But still, if their tricks are beyond a limit then go for pest control services.


There are nearly 30 species of cockroaches that exists. Just like their variety even the diseases they spread also varies. Cockroaches are attracted to places that are dirty. If you have unwashed dishes laying for a long time, it’s an invite to them. They transmit bacteria-related diseases. So take steps to get rid of them as soon as possible.

Mice and rats

These little creatures are not only poisonous but also lead to a lot of damages. They damage property, wires, and cables. Another important fun fact is that they are considered among the top hundred invaders. Just like its friends above they are also known to spread diseases.

A lot of the above-mentioned insect’s major disease transmitters. But a wise plan and prevention techniques can help you. They can keep them away and also reduce their invasion to a very large extent. Some among them are listed,

  • Consider calling a pest control at least once in six months. Check your home and take steps if you spot any.

  • Avoid growing bushes, trees or keeping any other wooden material attached to your houses. Keep them at least 3ft away.

  • Cracks and unnoticed openings are a lottery to insects. So try to locate them and close them immediately.  

  • Make it a point to keep your house clean. Constantly monitor places that are remote and places which you don’t visit often. Check your storerooms and other areas where you store things.

  • If you are using insecticides it is important that you keep them in a safe place. Keep it out of reach of children and pets.

Hence it is necessary that you take preventive measures. Make it a point to call pest control services like Rove pest control if the need arises. It is mandatory that you act smart and avoid hesitating to find a solution if you experience pest invasion.