Aesthetic and Practical Interior Designing Tips for HDB Apartment


Designing a new condo apartment or HDB home is a thrilling endeavor. 80% of homes in Singapore are Housing Development Board or HDB flats. It is challenging to interior design HDB flats that are small. In Singapore, space is the major concern and apartments are getting smaller as the year’s pass. Careful planning is needed to take advantage of the available space.

At Space Factor, you can get some great HDB interior design concepts that are not just aesthetic, but practical too.

Look at some of the basics that make a difference:

Choose appropriate colors

Wall color choice is crucial as it sets the mood. Is it a room for working, playing, or sleeping? Do you want the space to be reflective or welcoming? Is the space private or communal? Answers to such questions will help you determine the right color choice for home interior painting monmouth county nj.

Give each room a distinctive look. Start with a single color and then play with a color palette. If you have a single dark color on one wall, then ensure the other walls have a lighter hue. It avoids overfilling the room.

Tip – If the chosen colors are mostly neutrals then choose a multi-colored painting or throw blanket or rug to brighten the space.

Illuminate the interiors

Use natural light as best as possible. It emphasizes the textures and colors of your residence. Observe the amount of natural light entering the room. Even consider the time and the location it enters and stays. It helps to determine the TV or sofa positioning.

If you are fortunate to receive lots of light, then maximize its capabilities. To enjoy more nuanced and balanced natural lighting use blinds to diffuse sunlight rays and creates an aesthetically pleasing interior.

While planning artificial lighting, consider room functioning. For example, for daily use, there is general lighting, while for specific activities there is task lighting. Ambient lighting like floor and table lamps creates a soft mood.

Tips – Extend natural sunlight use by strategically placing mirrors to reflect light. It even gives the illusion of a big space.

Divide spaces

HDB flats in Singapore have an open concept layout. It means there is no wall separating the kitchen and many other areas. You can create different zones using furniture to define every space. For example, the kitchen island can separate the kitchen from the living room. The sofa can be a visual divider between the dining space and living room.

Tip – Room dividers and screens are design embellishments that visually define an area as well as look classic.

Practical Luxury @ Faber Garden – HDB design done by Space Factor

Customized carpentry

There can be rooms with awkward corners or curves that deny accommodating ready-made store furniture neatly. Customized carpentry can help. You can have custom furniture built in a given space without leaving exposed recesses or corners. It helps to frame the home seamlessly and creates a tailored look. Well-planned carpentry works well in HDB flats in Singapore. It saves plenty of space by squeezing stealthy storage areas people were unaware of!

Tips – Carpentry professionals build multi-functional furniture, which doubles as storage. Install pull-out drawers under your double bed for storage or shelf compartment under Kitchen Island.

Include décor

Without decorative items, a home looks incomplete. Include prints or paintings that blend with the feel and theme of the space. Never forget to add cushions, house plants, and mirrors to a space.

Tip – Don’t get carried away, while decorating. A few decorative things are great because squeezing 4 paintings into a small space will be overwhelming.

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Some inspirational design takeaways

To make HDB look like a condo….

  • Never ignore statement lights. Choose a couple of statement pieces to transform your HDB into a condo.
  • For adding the condo’s visual depth and subtle texture swap wall paints for wallpaper.
  • Use vertical spaces to make up for less floor dimension.
  • Consider dark hues in small spaces to give a fascinating visual charm and blur the wall edges to hide the lack of room.
  • Sliding doors can be a great option for compact spaces.
  • Add leggy furniture to small spaces. It visually lightens the room.

Stick with pragmatism and cohesiveness

Maintain a sense of cohesiveness and connectivity between different rooms. Make sure that the décor and furniture complement one another. Choose complementary color themes that do not distract the eye. It will depend on your chosen theme ranging from dark and moody to fresh and light.