9 Myths About Glass Shower Doors: Debunked!

Glass shower door

All consumers should know whether the shower doors they choose can affect their shower unit’s usability and longevity. Believing in a myth may lead to several poor decisions and even cause damage to your bathroom space over time.

So if you’re planning a bathroom upgrade, learn about the common misconceptions people have about them.

Cleaning Frameless Glass Shower Doors is Hard

Most homeowners are intimidated by the idea of removing stubborn watermarks and dried soap scum on their glass doors. Most consumers believe it’s more difficult to keep frameless shower doors clean than framed ones. While in reality, it’s the opposite.

When comparing hard-to-reach areas of a framed shower door and finicky curtains, frameless shower doors are extremely easy and quick to clean. For instance, a quick wipe with the squeegee after a shower will keep your shower space looking shiny and pristine every day.

Using a DIY cleaning solution comprising vinegar and water will also reduce the need for frequent deep cleaning. When you choose frameless shower doors, you’ll need less than 10 minutes to clean your bathroom.

Shower Doors are Leak Proof

Though shower doors are designed to prevent leaks and water from splashing into the dry areas of your bathroom, they’re not aquariums. Water directly flowing on the glass shower doors will leak out of the enclosure. So during glass shower door installation, make sure the shower head is farther away from the door. Moreover, remember not to spray directly onto the seams when cleaning the enclosure.

Shower Doors Explode During a Shower

Many people have claimed a shower glass explosion while they were showering and that they’re unsafe to install if you take a hot shower. However, glass products, particularly those made from tempered glass, are highly unlikely to explode. That’s because tempered glass is thick, strong, and specifically designed to improve the safety of people around.

Glass manufacturers adhere to strict safety standards to prevent injuries. Even if tempered glass breaks, it shatters into small round pieces rather than sharp, dangerous shards.

All Glass used in Shower Doors is the Same

All glass used in shower doors is not the same. Besides the visually clear differences in etched, patterned, or tinted glass, you can find more options. One of the most appealing options is the glass featuring a protective coating. Though these options won’t eliminate the need for glass cleaning, they will help ease the intensity and duration of your cleaning routine.

Shower Doors Leak All the Time

Though shower doors are not completely leak-proof, they won’t leak water if installed correctly. For maximum waterproofing, make sure your shower head is farther away from the hinges and seams so that they don’t come into direct contact with water.

You can also apply caulk around the edges of glass panels or install shower door sweeps that prevent water from leaking underneath the door.

Glass shower door

You can Add a Towel Bar to the Shower Enclosure After Installation

This is a misconception because if you want a towel bar in the shower enclosure, its position must be determined before the shower door is installed. Your glass contractor will take the measurements before the installation process so that they can make holes for the towel bar in the right place.

This feature must be precisely placed in your shower enclosure to ensure accessibility and usability without affecting the overall aesthetics. Your glass installation professional cannot drill holes into the glass once the shower door has been installed.

Protective Glass Coating Eliminates the Need for Cleaning

Every bathroom feature requires maintenance and regular cleaning to keep the space pristine. Even if you opt for shower glass doors coated with a protective layer, you must wipe away water from the panels after every shower.

Though this type of glass is low-maintenance, glass experts still recommend that you follow a proper cleaning regimen to improve its longevity and maintain its shine. Dried water spots and soap scum on your glass will affect the overall look of your bathroom.

Glass Shower Doors Eliminate Privacy

Though shower curtains make your shower space look smaller, they improve privacy for the person showering. That’s why homeowners who prioritize privacy in the bathroom are often reluctant to switch to glass shower doors.

However, they can opt for textured or frosted glass shower doors that offer greater privacy than clear glass without needing outdated curtains. They also let in ample amounts of natural light like clear glass and help brighten up your space. Moreover, cascading water over textured glass panels gives a visually appealing effect.

Textured glass shower door

Glass Doors Are Very Costly

Since glass shower doors add luxury to any bathroom space, most people believe they must be expensive. Some glass shower doors can be expensive depending on their design and the material used. However, there are several other affordable options available in the market that will fit any budget.

Even if you choose expensive glass doors, they’re worth the investment in the long run. That’s because they’re made from more durable glass and feature unique designs that can enhance your bathroom space. To make sure your shower doors last longer, invest in reliable installation services.

Glass shower door

Partnering with the right shower door company will help you find the ideal shower enclosure for your bathroom according to your needs and preferences.

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