7 Tips To Keep Children Safe From Electrical Accidents

If there is one section of the population who are at higher risk of being involved in electrical accidents, it is children. And more than 75% of all electrical injuries involving children are estimated to occur at home. Therefore, it’s extremely important that you take the necessary steps to ensure that the electrical connections and appliances in your home are safe for your children. Below, we look at seven tips that can help you protect your child from electrical accidents.

Educate Your Child

The first thing you need to do is to educate your children as to the safety hazards of electrical devices and wiring. Warn them of the things they can and cannot do. This should be good enough to keep them away from potential dangers. A good way to instill knowledge of electrical safety is through games. Your child will be able to learn important electrical safety concepts as they play such games.

Make Them Aware Of The Danger Of Wet Hands

An important thing that has to be drilled into the minds of children is the danger of wet hands. Many kids unknowingly touch electrical connections with their wet hands, which will inevitably cause electrocution. This happens because children are not yet aware that coming into contact with water and electricity is dangerous. So, ensure that you make your children aware of the potential dangers of using wet hands when handling electrical equipment and connections. You can also conduct a small demonstration that shows what happens when electricity comes into contact with water. This should be good enough to make them fully aware of the danger.

Keep Electrical Cords Where They Should Be

One of the biggest hazards to kids is the numerous electrical cords in your home. These cords can remain unseen by children who might be busy running around the home. And if their feet get entangled in the cord while running, they can fall down and seriously injure themselves. Plus, if the cord itself is conducting electricity due to some internal damage, then your child might also suffer electric shocks. So, make sure that you keep all electrical cords in your home on the walls, away from the floor. Plus, also instruct your children to watch the floor for cords when playing in the house.  

Don’t Allow Kids To Handle Electrical Problems On Their Own

Many children try to repair their own electrical toys when they become defective. And this is extremely dangerous. They might even try to touch the internal components while the toy is still connected to the port. So, tell your kids to never try to handle any issue with their electric toys by themselves.  Instead, ask them to come to you.

Get A Proper Power Grid Connection

When you are moving into a new home, you have to ensure that the house is connected to the power grid in a proper manner. This alone will avoid any potential dangers in ports or electrical wirings, thereby keeping your children safe. And when it is time for you to connect your home to the power grid, you will need to find the right level 2 electrician to do the job since only they can do it perfectly.

Say No To Flying Kites Close To The Power Lines

Though many children are hooked onto video games, some still prefer playing outside. And many of them love to fly kites in the sky. If your child is one of them, you have to warn them about the potential dangers so that the kids can avoid it. For example, tell them to be careful not to fly kites too close to the power lines. The kite may get caught in the power lines and the kids can get electrocuted if the thread they are using on the kite conducts electricity.

Teach Them How To Handle Electric Toys Properly

Children should be taught the proper use of toys that run on electricity. Above all, make sure that you only buy electric toys that meet the government regulations.  The Australian government has strict laws that lay down clear guidelines to the manufacturers as to the safety protocols to be followed with regard to children’s electronic toys.  If your kid is interested in an electric toy and you see no label from the manufacturer indicating that it has followed these safety guidelines, don’t buy it. Children must also be educated in how to handle electric toys that run on batteries. It is estimated that almost 20 children visit hospital emergency every week because of exposure to button batteries. Teaching your kids how to handle such batteries will keep them away from potential dangers.

James Stone

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