5 Smart Tips for Hiring the Right Commercial Mover for Your Office Relocation

Moving your household things on your own is a manageable task to an extent, but when it comes to office relocation you definitely require a commercial mover like Swiftway Moving. This is because moving office things requires ample of logistical preparation and manpower. There are delicate and sensitive equipment and electronics, expensive executive furniture etc. that needs professional expertise.

Here are few tips to help you hire the right commercial mover when it comes to office relocation:

Check the Movers Operational in Your Area

Get a list of all those movers operating in your area. Then, sort them depending on the requirement. An intrastate movement has many takers, but if you have to move interstate not many will be having the required permissions and documentation.

Ask for Recommendations

Not all movers who claim to be professionals have the required expertise. It is better to ask your peer network for recommendations. It is a better way of getting the right company as someone would have already experienced their services and you don’t need to be the guinea pig for their experiment.

Get Quote

Once you shortlist 2-3 companies, ask them to give you the quote. Most of the companies send their representative to analyze the stuff and then give proper quotes within a week after you sent a request. This helps you in selecting the best-suited one and go with it. In case someone dilly dallies, you can just tick them off from your list as it shows a sign of unprofessionalism.


Once you have received the quotes from selected companies, compare them based on parameters like recommendations, services offered, and obviously price quotes. Some companies offer unpacking and storage facilities too, while others don’t. Select the one that best suits your requirements.

Check the Licenses and Registration of the Company

Not all companies have the required licenses and registration to work in a particular area. So, ask them if they have the requiredlicenses. Though a genuine company will always tell you upfront if they have the required permissions to operate in a particular area or not, it’s always better to inquire at your end too.

Most of us have moved from one place to another may be on the personal front some time in life. If you have ever moved, you must be well aware of the fact that it is both physically demanding and emotionally draining. Actually speaking, if you compare residential moving with office relocation, then the former is still a cake walk. It is thus important to choose the right commercial mover; otherwise, you will end up having a messy experience.

Irene Davis

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