5 signs when you need new kitchen cabinets

You hear a lot about refacing your cabinets instead of replacing them as a way to save money. With refacing, you would only replace the doors and drawer fronts to get a new look. But it leads to a lot of issues with context to older cabinets. Another option would be to simply repaint the cabinets to get a new look. Here are five ways identified by kitchen cabinets Toronto to know if you need to replace your kitchen cabinets:

1) You Have Flimsy, Cheap Cabinets

Your cabinets might be made of flimsy materials. MDF, a type of composite material that is partly wood but mostly glue and filler material, is seldom used to make cabinets, and it won’t stand the test of time. Just adding new doors or drawer fronts to these types of cabinets won’t solve any problems. Eventually, the doors could just fall right off the cabinets.

2) The Cabinets Are Made Of Metal

It may be tough to imagine that cabinets were ever made of anything except wood, but the metal was once a very popular option for kitchen cabinets. If you have a home that has these old cabinets, you likely won’t be able to reface them. Occasionally, it might be possible, but then, refacing metal cabinets is too difficult and not worth the hassle.

3) The Cabinets are Severely Damaged

You cannot cover major damage or structural issues with a facelift. If your cabinets cannot be repaired, you need to invest in a replacement, not refacing. You may not realize that your cabinets have reached till this point until you start analyzing them for your planned remodel or until you get a contractor in to check out your cabinets.

4) There’s a Lingering Odor

There’s a space under your cabinets and behind them. In some cases, there might even be a space between your cabinets and the countertop. Pests, mold, and even bits of food can often get into those spaces. As you aren’t cleaning in those spaces – and maybe aren’t even able to clean in those spaces – those things can be left unchecked and unclean, and they can cause a bad odor that won’t go away. The only option for dealing with those odors is to rip the cabinets out and get rid of the source.

5) You Want a Whole New Layout

Some people decide to remodel their cabinets as they are remodeling their kitchens. Also, lot of people decide to remodel their kitchens because they want more space, or they want to improve the usefulness of the space, such as by getting more surface area for food preparation or getting more storage space for kitchen gadgets and cookware. Often, these plans require changing the whole layout of the cabinets, as well as other items into the kitchen.

Kitchen cabinets Toronto has a various solution for the makeover of your kitchen. Discuss the designs and the planning to go ahead with the remodeling.