5 Powertools you must have in your home

Non sparking tools Malaysia, as the name suggests, are the essential elements to complete a task effortlessly. PowerTools not only reduces the about of manual efforts but also saves the cost of calling the professional. Having a right set of the power tool in your toolkit is necessary to fix on the things on yourself.

It is very crucial to know the essential tools for your home to ensure that your money is spent in the right place.

To help you in all your DIY projects, Buy power tools online and fill your tool bag with the essential tools. But which tools are essential for your home?

This article highlights the 5 Best Power Tools for your home to make your DIY work easier.

  1. Hammer Drill

Hammer Drill is a versatile impact tool. It can be used when you have to fix the photo frame on the wall, you have to fix your furniture, removing a fireplace, and knocking the Down Walls.

Specially designed clutch in a hammer drill allows the hammer to not only spin the drill bit but also to pinch it in and out. Although, each bit has relatively low force even though the hammering action is very rapid –which is thousand of blows per minute.

  1. Cordless Circular Saw

You must have a circular saw if you are looking for lovely crafts. Thecircularsaw is not only in your budget but also built to last for long. Circular saw is a portable power tool which is easier to carry due to its light weight for any woodwork project.

Circular Saw is used to cut the wood sheets such as plywood and fiberboards. This tool is good for drilling holes, screwing, hanging curtains and pictures, attaching shelves.

  1. Jigsaw

Jigsaw is that power tool which is least used but is the best for the projects where curves or shapes are needed. One cannot use Jigsaw for a cut in straight line projects. Jigsaw is recommended for cutting timber.

Jigsaw is good for cutting shapes cutting holes, for example, worktop in a kitchen for the sink. Jigsaw is essential for projects used for replacing timber on a gable, wooden mirror, and wooden script art. The blades of Jigsaw are small and weak so this must be used with care. It must not be turned and forced while guiding the Jigsaw in the sideways.

  1. Mitre saw

Whenever you have to cut the pieces of a timer or shorten something, you must need a Mitre Saw power tool.Miter saw is not costly but one has to practice how to use it in an accurate manner. For best performance of Miter saw compound type should be purchased.

Miter Saw is good for cutting plastic pipes, metal strips, cutting angles. And used in the projects for a slatted fence, log store, plywood floor, cutting skirting boards.

  1. Nailer

Nailer is amongst the best power toolyou must have in your home. It is being used regularly where you have to nail anything. If you need to use nailer for something like wrong shank nails, you are better off nailing it by hands.

The projects where nailer is used are attaching skirting boards, adding architraves, installing picture rails. Nailer varies in length and thickness of nail they can drive. Check tool blog for more information.

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