5 Interior Design Basic Rules for Your Home Renovation

Transforming your living space doesn’t need out-of-the-box ideas or a gimmick that will stand out among the rest. Transforming your interior design only requires some basic rules to follow and see the positive effect. These rules can change any place into your dream home! And so, learn the rules in this article before partnering with an interior designer company in Singapore.

1) Conceptualise the Main Theme

Before you start buying furniture and picking colours, it’s advisable to conceptualise the central theme of your living space. Do you want something modern, traditional, or contemporary? Once you choose the theme you prefer, you can partner with a commercial interior design company in Singapore.

2) Follow Your Floor Plan

The key to an effective interior design is harmony among your furniture, home accessories, and appliances. For this reason, follow the floor plan so you’ll know the foot traffic and avoid cluttering your home with too many unnecessary items.

3) Choose the Right Colour Combination

In Singapore, your house and its interior design are affected by colour combinations. For instance, you can have a metallic blue to show off a cosy vibe, while a velvet black shows elegance. That’s why it’s essential to look for the correct combination to get the mood you want.

4) Consider Your Walls and Floors

Walls and floors can influence the way you see your living space. If you want to upgrade your living space, you can use wallpapers, rugs, or tiles to add visual appeal. Better yet, call an interior designer company to help you install these additional design features.

5) Don’t Follow Every Trend You See

Interior design trends do not mean it’s automatically appropriate for your living space. Not all trends like minimalism will satisfy your preference. The solution here is to stick with what you want and make it come true with the help of a commercial interior design company.

Here you go, remember the basic rules as you partner with FineLine, an interior designer company in Singapore. Contact them today!