5 Features That Define A Luxury Home In Montclair

Buying a new home can be a thrilling experience, especially if you are seeking an upscale, luxury house. And what better way to hunt for a luxury home than in Montclair? You will enjoy year-round mild weather, a lush green tropical setting, and exquisite houses in gated neighborhoods. So, what traits should you look for when looking for a luxury home? This list highlights the design features that savvy buyers consider highly desirable or must-haves.

  1. Architectural Details

Irrespective of the materials you choose, the exterior and interior design requires special architectural details that make your home stand out. However, you should not overdo these details. Else, the final outcomes might look too busy.

Architectural details generate the best effect when used wisely. They demonstrate that much time and effort was put into designing the area. Special architectural elements include curved walls, archways, recessed shelving, turrets, and nooks.

  1. Impressive Space Sizes

Extra living space is a luxury, and a stylish luxury home must make a huge impression. Space allows you to host sizable gatherings, display sculptures and artwork, add a piano, and display a lovely outdoor scene.

A large open space evokes a sense of splendor that most homes cannot strive to equal. You do not want to take the open concept too far, though. Everybody requires privacy, which means building different rooms where they play, work, or relax.

  1. Integration with the Outdoors

No luxury Montclair real estate is complete unless it embraces its outdoor location. It can be done by integrating outdoor living spaces, and liberal use of glass windows and doors between the interior and exterior.

Using glass to divide a living space from the patio to the deck is currently a popular trend. You may open the inside to the outside whenever you want, whether it is constructed with many sliding glass doors or high-end accordion doors made primarily of glass.

Other interior techniques of integrating the outdoors include skylights, potted trees and plants, water fountains, and natural stone décor.

  1. Advanced Smart Technology and Top-Notch Security

All high-end residences must be smart homes. Smart Montclair homes for sale are outfitted with the most up-to-date digital control systems for security and convenience.

These systems come with Wi-Fi, allowing you to use your smartphone to control the system. An internet-connected primary server also provides remote access.

In a luxury home, smart technology lets you control door locks, lighting, window blinds and drapes, temperature, and visual and audio equipment.

The same smart technology can also be used to install a security system. Modern security measures can operate exterior and interior cameras, operate motion sensor cameras and lights, and monitor windows and doors.

  1. Special-Purpose Areas

As you design a luxury home, you can include special-purpose rooms, such as billiards or library rooms. Other common specialty additions to a luxury home include a rooftop patio, recording studio, home theatre, craft room, and master suite balcony.

Video and audio recording spaces are in high demand nowadays because many professionals and hobbyists generate online content.

Live in Luxury at Montclair

The definition of a dream luxury home will be different for different people. While some people appreciate the architectural finesse, others might want their luxury home to integrate seamlessly with the outdoors, and more. Whatever the case, The Wright Group can help you sort out the many Montclair luxury homes and find the best deal for your money.