5 Big Kitchen Design Trends

Kitchen trends are an important thing to consider when you plan a home renovation. After all, the kitchen is typically the room that yields the highest return on your investment.  Even if you are not interested in selling your home anytime soon, you will quickly come to understand why remodeling your kitchen is such a valuable Divine Cabinetry project.  A more comfortable and inviting space makes it much more fun for the family to gather, makes meals more pleasurable, and just simply encourages more use and better energy flow throughout your home.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at some popular kitchen trends right now.Image result for 5 Big Kitchen Design Trends


Although white remains a popular color (or, shade, actually), gray is also rising in popularity, probably because it adds a little more depth, especially when you add complementary colors in the trim.  Indeed, while white might have climbed 20 percent in popularity over the past few years, gray is actually the fastest growing shade in terms of kitchen paint color.  


The cost of living continues to rise and that means people have to do more with less. Compact appliances, then, can help to make a kitchen feel much larger than it is without sacrificing its efficiency.  Indeed, you may not need a large cooktop or an oversized freezer in your kitchen.


And while you are looking to shrink your appliances, consider, also, custom refrigeration.  This is particularly true if you have a smaller family and you do a lot of cooking (and do not need to store things like leftovers).


Marble counter tops were big a couple decades ago, and granite was the go-to just a few years ago. In 2013, however, the trend began to make a big shift to quartz.  This material is actually tougher than just about anything else currently being used to make counter tops: it is scratch- and burn- resistant and rarely chips.  It is also similar to granite in that it is easy to maintain, but you don’t have to seal it every year the way that you would normally have to do with granite.


Finally, consider using LED light strands along counter tops or the backsplash or under cupboards.  Natural light is great during the day, and traditional lighting might be great for making breakfast or dinner. At other times of the day, though—and especially at night—the lower energy and lower frequency LED might be perfect.