4 Ways Interior Design Can Improve Wellbeing

In case you’re wondering why on Earth would someone invest in improving their interior with the goal of improving their mental health and wellbeing, just try going to prison for a couple of months!

(Actually, don’t go to prison, you may experience a fate way worse than a bad interior there.) But, you do understand the premise. Since the interior of your house is an area where you’ll spend a considerable amount of time, ensuring it looks decent and it you feel welcomed and at peace inside is of utmost importance.

That said, your interior doesn’t need to be a happy-go-lucky place. On the contrary, if you find it more comfortable – you can make it to look like a goth hideout and paint the walls black! You see a red door and you want it painted black? No colors anymore, you want them to turn black? You want to see it painted – painted black, black as night, black as coal?

Well, what’s stoppin’ ya!

In this article, we’ll talk about interior design ideas that can help promote your and your family’s wellbeing. As you will see, even slight changes have the capacity to make the entire place come to life.

Right then, let’s see what’s going on, shall we?

4 Ways a Well-Thought Out Interior Design Can Help Your Wellbeing

1) More Natural Light

One of the easiest ways to bring some happiness, positive vibes, and dare we say – hope, into your household, when your thoughts are grim and the day is long, would be to introduce more natural light into your rooms.

Whether you plan to achieve this with uncovering the closed blinds or curtains, or you’ll have to break a wall to install a window depends on the window layout in your house.

One thing is for sure, though – lightbulbs, no matter how advanced, cannot replace sunshine, so do plan your house design with that note in mind!

2) More Plants and Greenery

…. and natural materials such as wood. Wooden floors, a bamboo floor for the kitchen, and wallpaper or draperies with a floral theme.

Possibly the biggest point of differentiation between your home and the outdoors would be the amount of greenery. So, you maybe pining for a house plant, or like a …. pine! (Get it! Pining for a pine!)

Oooor some geraniums. It depends what you fancy better.

3) Scented Candles

Sometimes, no amount of flowers has the capacity to enrich the entire room with just the sort of scent you are looking for. This can happen if your rooms are too large or too poorly aired.

To battle this, what you may need is a couple of scented candles! As simple as that. Light ‘em up and see the atmosphere in your room do a complete 180 from a stuffy place with no particular flavor, to a vanilla-scented place that’s not as stuffy.

Just make sure not to set fire to the rest of the room. You should have a reliable way of removing smoke and odor from the space as well, so these fire ducts might be worth looking into.

A grand change, indeed!

4) Change up the Color Pattern

Although we’ve already advised switching up the colors in your home, that was in relation to more sunshine and lighting your rooms properly.

Provided you already have somewhat of an optimal lighting situation, a change of color of the walls or of the wallpaper can do wonders for your wellbeing. Now, in order to pull off this to the best possible effect, consider combining colors or creating patterns for your walls.

You can also do a something like an indoors mural or use large pictures and paintings to cover the walls!

All in all, an optimized room has the power to change your state of mind from bleak and dejected to a bright and hopeful one. In fact, the process of remodeling the interior itself is sure to improve your mood!