4 Super Good Walk In Wardrobe Ideas to Get Your Friends Envious of You

When you have a superb walk in wardrobe, it is like a dream come true! It truly feels like walking inside a high end luxury store with all your apparels and accessories arranged in a beautiful way. It is quite easy to dismiss a walk in wardrobe as a part of the home renovation plan when living in a small flat. But don’t you worry, this article will still help you in accomplishing your dream to get a walk in wardrobe in a small space to render your friends envy. Cartier Renovation has listed some walk in wardrobe ideas for you below. Have a read:

  • Go minimalist

A sleek and minimalist design walk in wardrobe is a clean and simple design that is super functional and effective. The exceptional feature of this theme encompasses its bold functionality which helps you decluttering. You can easily conceal your belongings behind the wardrobe’s doors. Also, keep the color palette to the muted tones like light brown or white and always use the decorative items in such a way so that space seems uncluttered.

  • Go modern

This design is for homeowners who love to add masculine and an edgy feel to their home. Use a bronze or grey color palette for your walk in wardrobe. When it comes to the ceiling pendant light, choose a black exposed piping with a light bulb. For your dressing table, use a grey stool or a bronze bench. Add a small table in the middle of the wardrobe.

  • Go rustic

You will come across many country theme homes. There are many English, Mediterranean and French styles. The gist is to accomplish the kind of country style interior that you prefer all lies in selecting the right materials. You don’t need any kind of fanciful materials for a country style walk in wardrobe. Rather than chose materials like brown tiles with uneven or rough textures in order to create a rustic interior of a country home. When it comes to furniture, go for wooden benches or small stools as a part of the décor of the walk in wardrobe.

  • Go classy

Classy style walk in wardrobe is like all white floor to ceiling mirrored wardrobe that opens to infinite racks loaded with your branded apparels and accessories. The integration of glass doors and warm lights make your belongings look luxurious. You can also have an accessories glass display in the center to act as a centerpiece and have a look at the preferred accessory you want to put on.

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