4 Factors That Influence the Cost of Rekeying Your Locks in San Diego

Live in San Diego? It goes without a saying that nobody wants to lose his or her keys for any reason. However, sometimes some situations force you to seek the services of a locksmith. One of the services is to rekey your locks. One question that lingers in your mind is, what will I have to pay once I decide to rekey my locks? Sure enough, the cost of rekeying your locks has gone up for different reasons. Here are some factors that affect this cost.

Number of locks

The more locks you want to be rekeyed the higher the cost of rekeying them. If rekeying one lock will cost you $20 dollars, take that cost and multiply with the locks in your home. You will get the total amount needed. Sometimes this is not always the case. You don’t have to pay the exact amount. Sometimes a San Diego locksmith offer discounts to a homeowner who wants more than one service.

The complexity of the locks

If your home has complex locks, the cost is always higher than those with standard locks. The more complex the lock, the higher the cost if rekeying. You might ask the reason why. There are several things to be taken into account. For example, the rekeying process varies from one lock to another. Some lock might have a standard pin and other deadbolts. The process differs from each other.

Rekeying process

There are times you can do a DIY rekeying project. In some instance, locks come with necessary kits for a DIY. It is okay if you can do it yourself, it’s advisable you call a San Diego locksmith. The whole process of getting the lock apart, putting it back together, replacing the lock pins is tedious. No mistakes are allowed. They can be very expensive.

Lock variation

As mentioned, not all locks are the same. They have a different shapes, sizes, and types. For starts, there is a chance that all locks in your home are not created the same for security reasons. Your main door locks Singapore and the garage door a totally different lock. The variations increase the cost of rekeying.

So, you’ve decided to rekey your locks? No problem. Prepare yourself for the cost of rekeying. Sometimes you can exactly know the cost until the San Diego locksmith visits, assess the lock and then offer an estimate. Hiring a professional locksmith in San Diego to do the rekeying is better than a DIY project.