4 Compelling Reasons to Hire Furniture Removalists on Your Next Move

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The removal process comes with several challenges, regardless of whether you are moving due to a new job, a family commitment, or to pursue an opportunity to achieve a better quality of life. From the boxes of your personal belongings, to the heavy furniture, and everything in between, relocating your belongings from one state to another can be overwhelming and stressful.

This is a life-changing event that must be dealt with seriously and with care. Otherwise, you could end up exhausted, and your items may become broken or lost.

So instead of dealing with your move on your own, why not let experts do what they’re best at? Furniture removalists in Adelaide are the best people to turn to, to avoid mishaps and enjoy a successful removal. These professionals know how to move objects from one place to another and fully understand the particulars of the removal process.

If you think that getting furniture removal services is just an added expense, here are four compelling reasons why such an investment is crucial for your next move.

1. Moving furniture and other heavy objects is not easy.

It may seem like moving your sofa and other heavy items is simple. After all, you can just ask some of your family and friends to help you carry these, load them in the truck, and unload them into your new home.

But furniture comes in different size, shapes, and materials. Some are too big, heavy, and are even made of fragile materials that you may end up damaging.

An attempt to manoeuvre huge and heavy items through your stairs and doorways can be dangerous if you don’t have the proper knowledge and skill. The item could crush someone, you could slip or fall, or anyone could suffer from back and spine problems while trying to lift the heavy load.

This is why you must get the services of expert furniture removalists. Apart from having the knowledge, strength and numbers to move your heavy items safely and rapidly, they have a system in place to make sure that any sharp edges won’t scratch the walls.

Also, they understand how precious your goods are to you – they will take extreme care of your items throughout the removal process. In addition, furniture removalists usually offer coverage for your items in case they get damaged or lost during the removal.

2. Furniture removalists are insured.

If a family member or a friend got injured while helping you with your move, you will definitely pay for their medical expenses. This can even result in delays.

But if anything happens to the furniture removalists during the removal, you will not be liable for any compensation. Also, the removal company will send another removalist to replace the injured one so as not to delay your move.

3. You will save time.

When moving interstate or overseas, time is of the essence. If you let your family and friends help you with your removal, they will most likely take frequent breaks and perform their assigned tasks forever. You may end up arriving at your new home late at night or even the next day, despite starting early.

If you get professional furniture removal services, a job that takes a whole day to finish can be done in just hours. These pros know how to pack their trucks with your goods, eliminating the need for multiple trips. Also, they have high-quality packing and restraining materials so your items won’t get damaged while in transit.

The amount of time you can save from hiring professional removalists can be used for more important tasks (and all the while, you’ll know that your possessions are in safe hands). These tasks include saying goodbye to your loved ones, preparing your new home, choosing an emergency plumber and other important service providers in your new location, and settling in.

4. You will have a stress-free removal.

Furniture removalists will not just help you move heavy, bulky items from point A to B. You can also invest in their packing and unpacking services, storage solutions, and house cleaning services. A one-stop-shop removal company can certainly lift most of the burdens associated with the removal process for you.

You may be thinking that hiring removal experts is just an added expense, but attempting to move on your own can invite more costs when something goes wrong. Imagine the amount of money you will have to pay if your friend got hospitalized or if your items got damaged and lost.

Indeed, hiring a reputable furniture removal company is cheaper. Also, it gives you peace of mind, knowing that your items will arrive at your new residence on time and damage-free. So if you have an upcoming removal, hire a furniture removalist now!


Craig Jones is the Managing Director at Aussiemove, Australia’s largest independent moving alliance. Craig is a respected member of the removalist network in Australia, having served in senior positions, including the President of the removal industries governing body, the Australian Furniture Removals Association (AFRA). With 23 years of experience at Aussiemove, he has the skills and the highly trained team to move families safely and reliably, in Adelaide, across Australia and around the world.