3 Signs That Your Drain Needs Cleaning

Clogged drains are a reality of enjoying the convenience of indoor plumbing, and when they occur, your normal routine can be greatly impacted. Therefore, it is useful to understand how to prevent clogs from happening in the first place, and if they do occur, you need to know how to properly treat them.

If you are experiencing drain issues, consider these three signs that your drain may need to be professionally cleaned, and then search for a plumber who stands by their work, like priorityplumbing.ca/

1. Decreased Water Pressure

When the water from your faucet or shower seems to be weaker than usual, you may be suffering from a clogged drain. Pipes that become blocked somewhere down the line will impact the flow, leaving you with a reduced output of water that can become worse as time goes on. If this issue is not thoroughly inspected, it may be misdiagnosed and receive ineffective treatment.

2. Unpleasant Odors

Your drain is connected to the sewer or septic system, which we thankfully do not have much contact with. However, when a drain becomes clogged, the odors from these systems begin to come into our homes, creating an unpleasant environment. Even more troublesome, if the drain is left untreated, these smells can linger in our home and prove difficult to eradicate.

3. Outside Water Issues

A clogged drain may show signs outside of your home as well. If you are noticing pools of standing water that did not exist in the past, it might be due to a blocked drain and should be addressed immediately. Not only do these puddles represent a waste of resources and money, but their proximity to your home can weaken the foundation and breakdown the integrity of the soil.

By working with expert plumbers who have the tools and experience to handle your drains effectively, you can get your drains back to life safely and begin implementing the annual maintenance that will keep them in good health for years to come.