10 things you can expect from a good office chair!

With endless options, incredible brands and a whole bunch of features, it can be confusing and overwhelming to find the right office chair. It is necessary to do some research on office and executive chairs, simply because this is more like an investment that’s expected to last for at least five years. In this post, we bring the things you can expect from a durable and comfortable office chair.

  1. Comfort. Keeping all mechanical things aside, comfort is one thing you can expect from an office chair. Bear in mind that the chair will be used extensively and often by different people, and therefore, it makes sense to buy something that’s high on comfort.
  2. Full-back design. Before we talk about the style, it is necessary to understand that office chairs are meant to be extremely versatile in terms of feature. The backrest for that matter is of utmost important. A full-back chair offers complete support that’s required to avoid straining the spine.
  3. Lumbar support. Many of us do have back problems, especially around the waist and lower back, and it is of extremely importance that you choose a chair that has lumbar support. With some chairs, the design is such that it contours to the overall back of the user, causing no strain on the lower back.
  4. Recline. The backrest of your chair should be capable of reclining. A recline of 130-degrees is just ideal for most users, but again, every model is different. You can check 123ink office chairs for more options.
  5. Adjustable seat height. For people who are between 5”- to 6’4” feet tall, a seat height range between 15 and 22 inches is more than enough. Check the mechanism for adjusting seat height, because it should be easy to manage.
  6. Good Upholstery. Upholstery is another pointer one can expect from a decent chair. In case of office chairs, mesh, fabric and leather are three common materials, and you can choose one based on your comfort.
  7. Decent warranty. Office chairs are expected to have some sort of warranty on the product, which can be anywhere between one year to five years. Don’t expect regular wear and tear to be covered in warranty, but for mechanical issues, the brand should offer help.
  8. Easy adjustment. The best office chairs are extremely easy to adjust and change. Don’t go for models that require tools for adjustment, because you wouldn’t have the time or energy to call someone for small fixes or use a tool box for using a simple chair.
  9. A swivel base is necessary. Most of us get many things done from the desk, so having a chair that can move around is of utmost importance. You may want to check if the wheelbase is designed for carpeted floors.
  10. Ideal seat width and depth. The seat should feel easy and comfortable and must be at least one inch wider than your hips on both sides. The depth of the seat determines the support for the back and thighs, so check for that too.

Finally, don’t shy away from checking reviews and comparing a few models. Online vendors often have the best deals, discounts and designs, and you can actually compare chairs based on the features, warranty and other relevant aspects. Check online now and shortlist the best ones that fit your budget.

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