Why Should You Prefer Roman Blinds and Not Traditional Curtains

Many people often prefer to use traditional curtains as they think that it is more sophisticated and looks elegant as compared to roman blinds. However, these days many people have started using roman blinds and there are a couple of good reasons for its popularity. There is no doubt that the traditional curtains may look elegant, but you will get same elegance and sophistication with roman blinds too. All that you have to consider is to make right color choice and proper design.

In some of the European countries, these roman blinds are very popular and this popularity is slowly catching up in many other countries too.

What are roman blinds?

Roman blind is also known as Laskosverhot in Estonian language and is one of the styles to cover the windows, so that it can block sunlight. Most of the contemporary houses have started using this blind instead of regular curtains made out of aluminum or plastic. Roman blinds use hybrids of curtain and blinds. It can be raised and lowered based on the necessity of the people sitting in the room.Image result for Why Should You Prefer Roman Blinds and Not Traditional Curtains

How to choose right roman blind

While buying roman blinds, you should know about your exact requirement. There are several types of roman blinds available in the market, some are flat, and some are pleated balloon and tacked designs and so on. Therefore, you must carefully observe the designs and make suitable plan, so that it can perfectly blend with your interiors.

Also these roman blinds are available in different lengths and colors, which also you can select based on your need. The fabrics used for the blinds can be cotton, linen or silks, therefore while buying roman blinds, you have to consider all these small details.

Advantages of Roman blinds

  • Easy to handle and available at affordable cost

Generally installing of curtains is not a very easy job, particularly if you do not have any experience of this. However, in case of roman blinds even a beginner can easily read the instructions and install them. Instructions are quite easy to understand.

Regarding the cost, roman blinds are significantly cheaper than any traditional kind of curtains. You may choose any of the designs, but the cost will be much lower than other types of curtains.Related image

  • Functionality is same but more durable

If you compare the functionality with the traditional curtains then you will find them almost similar to any traditional type of curtains. It can provide you same kind of privacy and also protect from sunlight like its predecessors. Since they cover the window completely, they are called “blinds”. This type of roman blinds also matches with the interiors of your home.

As far as durability is concerned, roman blinds are much more durable. It can last long, if you maintain well. In fact, the fabric that you have chosen for the blind will dictate the amount of maintenance required. If you prefer silk as a fabric, which is much delicate, you cannot wash it in casual manner. You have to follow proper instructions for washing silk blinds.

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