Why Should We Shift to Using Vertical Blinds?

The main reason as to why we should shift to using vertical blinds is mostly for the privacy and protection from sun’s ray’s process. Imagine, there is too much of rays and you want to block them or there are too many people in your locality and you want some privacy from them. In these cases, a vertical blind works just perfectly! But, why a vertical blind specifically and not something else!

Why Vertical Blinds?

-The Reasons

There are countably 4 main reasons as to why we should start using vertical blinds. These 4 reasons are:

  • Elimination of Squinting: A very common problem we all face is the sun’s rays falling on our laptop or desktop or television screen, for which, it makes an uneasy sensation and we don’t get a clear view of what’s happening on the screen. The use of vertical blinds will solve this problem completely.
  • Keep Your Furniture Protected: According to science, the prolonged effect of the sun’s rays on certain things like sofas, different kinds of furniture and many more, can cause some serious damage to them, out of which the most common is the product being discoloured. Obviously, after investing good amount of money behind such things, you don’t want it to get destroyed, that too due to sun’s rays. Thus, the prevention for this is the purchasing of a good quality vertical blind.
  • Beat the heat in summer: The biggest advantage of vertical blinds in summer is that it can grab your electricity bill down by almost 20% of what it used to be. How is it so efficient? Firstly, it keeps the rooms darker, which implies it keeps the rooms cooler during summer. Secondly, there is no kind of application of greenhouse effect in case of vertical blinds, they are not glass windows! Double efficient, double reduction of your bill!
  • Keep comfortable during winter: During winters, vertical blinds act completely opposite to that in summer. Now, it doesn’t let the heat escape through it, thereby helping you in keeping your room a lot cosy. Thus, you can also use your room heater less than before.

These were mainly the reasons as to why we should start shifting to the use of vertical blinds. If you feel the same and now want to go checkout some amazing collection, then you can start off with someone called Store Urbain, who has a pretty good collection of such blinds. Elsewise, you can also look around other places for a product of your choice.

Irene Davis

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