What Is Advertising Mat Or Advertising Carpet?

The advertising mat or advertising mockup is an original communication medium that can be personalized thanks to a digital or silkscreen printing of a logo or a visual. It is not unusual to see it in the lobby of large companies or shopping centers. It instantly catches the eye of the visitor and welcomes you while highlighting your image in an elegant and discreet way.

It is also very useful as advertising on the ground during specific events (exhibition stands, exhibitions, conferences, promotional events). This is called advertising carpet. Just like the alfombras para sala, carpet for events gives significant visibility and serves as signage to visitors by accompanying them under the colors of your company or your brand.

What Are The Advantages Of The Carpet?

The primary function of an advertising carpet or carpet for events is to create a ground advertisement and promote your services or brand via visibility of your company logo or a suggestive visual.

Highlighting and visibility are the major assets of this type of support. The look of your customers or prospects will be attracted, unconsciously or not, to the ground, and the first thing they will see on their arrival will be your logo or product printed on the ground. It is a way to convey your image discreetly and very elegantly, and it shows great professionalism.

Several sizes of alfombras para uso rudo are available and adapt to different environments. They are anti-slip and anti-fouling for comfort.

How Is The Advertising Mat Made?

Depending on your needs, some services offer tapetes personalizados. Printing is a digital inkjet under pressure for optimum quality. The advertising carpet is an extremely powerful communication tool that combines originality and modernity. More than an advertising medium, it is a warm and welcoming decoration element for your visitors.

Irene Davis

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