Standard Techniques or Methods for Natural Stone and Marble Repair

When it comes to household or commercial flooring, marble is always the top choice for the property owners. Marble flooring looks great, and stays charming for long time. However, it is an exaggeration to say that marble floor does not need any maintenance jobs to be conducted. With the advent of time, you shall notice that marble floors tend to lose their natural shine or sheen. They become pale or yellowish and sometimes may be reddish. The solution is conducting marble polishing and restoration services. Professional service provider can do the job with neat perfection. For stone restoration in London as well as repairing process, different techniques are required to be adopted. Here are those techniques for you at a glance:


Polishing Powder and Compounds

Marble polishing has been carried out to bring back natural sheen and pristine charms of the marble floors. Your house will definitely look more elegant after marble polishing. For the process of polishing, fine grain of tin or aluminum oxide abrasive powder has been used. First the powder has to be put on the marble floor, as evenly as possible. When this is done, water is poured to make thick paste on marble floor. After that, flooring machine is used for polishing marble or natural stone floors.

Diamond Abrasive Grinding

For this process, low speed 175 RPM floor machine has been used. The process has significant similarity to polishing method that has been discussed above. However, in the process of sanding diamonds, power gains are found to be finer. Finer grits of diamonds are used for bringing back the shine on the marble floors. This technique is a little expensive, but it delivers more professional and desirable results. Once floor has been polished with this method, you shall find that your floor will remain shiny white and glossy for a long period of time.


The process is also known as waxing. Coating is a process of creating artificial shine on marble floors. Many people do not care about marble floor maintenance. As a result, the floor gets completely damaged and beyond restorable with the methods that have been discussed above. Changing marble floor would be costly. Thus, the alternate solution is creating artificial coating to rejuvenate marble floor of your house. Coating can last for a long time.


In this process, a chemical namely fluorosilicate has been sprayed over marble floor. After that floor grinding machine has been used to polish the floor. With this method quick and effective solution can be achieved. Results are extremely satisfactory, and marble floor will stay rejuvenated for long time after undergoing crystallization restoration process.

For stone cleaning in London, repairing, coating as well as other related services, it is always ideal to hire the service of an expert firm.

James Loveland

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