Reed diffuser oil – How can you make homemade Reed Diffuser Oil?

If you are interested in what all your options are for making your own homemade diffusers. To make a reed diffuser oil all you need to do is combine 1/2 cup of base oil, add 30 – 50 drops essential oil of your choice, mix and then you are done. Making diffuser oil is very easy, but at the same time it can feel a bit overwhelming when you start looking into different ingredient options and by making diffuser oil as once you learn how to make it you can then realize it can be made from lots of different ingredients.  


You should know that what do base oils do the reason is that these base or carrier oil is the backbone of your homemade diffuser oil and this oil will help to water down and the essential oils that you choose to use. The base oil carries your important oils up the diffuser reeds so that they can diffuse into the air and without the base oil your homemade reed diffuser would be very strong and these are best for reed diffusers oils.

Picking a base oil

For homemade diffuser oil, you can choose a natural oil as my base and there are a lot of options for your base oil

There are some common base oils,

  1. Fractionated Coconut Oil
  2. Almond Oil
  3. Grapeseed Oil
  4. Safflower Oil

Although mineral oil sounds like something that would be nice and natural and mineral oil is actually a petroleum product which automatically disqualifies it from contention in any book.

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And it might seem overwhelming trying to pick the right diffuser base oil, but it is not. When selecting a base oil to consider its thinness and color so, it will be useful.

Thinness base oil

The thinner the oil will be, the better that it will be drawn up your reed diffusers. The four base oils are either fractionated coconut oil or can be almond oil as they are the thinness oils of the bunch.

Color of base oil

The color of a base oil may not be a major issue for many people but if you are going to be using a transparent container then the color of the base oil may be a deciding factor for you and many base oil have options that have a yellow tint to them which make them not ideal for using in glass containers.

Fractionated coconut oil

The fractionated coconut oil in this batch because it is clear and which it would work best in the blue mason jar, and it is extremely thin making it perfect for reed diffusers and it best amongst all. The coconut oil that most people prefer and are familiar with is a solid at room temperature but the fractionated coconut oil is a more processed version of coconut oil that results in the oil being both clear and a liquid at room temperature and best for use.

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