List of Colors to Avoid Making your Home a Nice Place

In order for you to feel good, warm and comfortable in your home, there are a few colors that won’t look so good when combined together. That is why, you need to find some modular sofas from Interior Secrets that will correspond to everyone’s taste. Let’s say that you do not have enough money for an interior designer at this particular moment, but you still want your home to look great. Shawn Gandhi realtor will give you a list of colors that are not recommended as wall paintings.

Dirty white color – this is one of the most used color shades everywhere around the world. A research showed that all the houses that were listed on the market and had a dirty white color were facing some serious problems such as a drop off of the price. This is a color that is not very desirable among people who are willing to buy a new house or an apartment. That is why if you want to change something in your home, dirty white color is not the right color for you, for anyone.


Eggshell color – another very common type of color, that is almost the same as the dirty white color, which is not very liked among young people. But still there are lots of families who decide to choose this color and pain the whole home in eggshell color. Even though it is a soft color, it will look boring, that is the only problem with it.

Olive green and brown – the combination of these two colors is the ugliest thing a human eye has ever seen. It is often described as the ugliest combination of colors. But still, there are a lot of people who decide to use this combination. But when it comes to the bathroom, this combination of colors may actually look great.

Brown and red – a combination of brown and red is also a very bad idea. Just imagine having the walls painted in red? Even if just one wall was painted in red it would look horrible. Red is a beautiful romantic color, but it is definitely not recommended for a wall paint. You can incorporate it in the home by using some decorations or pillows or even red flowers.

Some shades of grey – there are some shades of grey that look terrible as wall painting. The gray color is not vivid and it is not recommended to paint a wall in grey color. But there are some buyers who actually enjoy in the grey color and they are specific when looking for a place to live. Some of them require grey walls. There are some shades of grey that look nice and soft, but most of them do not look good as wall paintings.

So, think about it carefully before you decide to paint the walls in your home.

James Loveland

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