How to Make Your Office Move to Jersey City Trouble-free?

Are you planning an office move to Jersey City? It is usually a very tough job, where you will need to think about relocating your office equipment and furniture to the new location. In addition, consider different suppliers and customer satisfaction in regards to this new office location.

Whether your company has only a minor number of employees or large numbers, it is important to get the support of commercial moving assistance in New Jersey. It will help to make your move smooth and easy. How the commercial moving company plans are made and organized will make lots of differences between smooth and stressful transfer.

Once you have decided about moving your office to Jersey City, your first task will be to look for a suitable moving company who is not only well-experienced in moving offices but also carries a good reputation.

Why do people prefer to move their offices to New Jersey?

Though there are very strict regulations and high taxes in New Jersey, most companies prefer to move to this state due to the overwhelming number of positive factors. Following are a few good reasons for an office move to Jersey City.

  • Availability of very highly educated work force
  • Access to Manhattan’s financial market
  • International airport and seaports access
  • Employees can get a higher quality of life
  • Availability of robust transportation network
  • Since surrounded by healthcare, biopharmaceuticals, logistics advance manufacturing, high technology – it is easy to get a well-trained labor force.
  • Professional services related to law and accounting are available

If you choose to have an office at Gold Coast area, which is located very close to Manhattan, you will get a very big business advantage due to availability of highly trained employees of the millennial generation. And commercial space rental in Jersey City is far cheaper as compared to Manhattan.

Tips to hire suitable moving company in New Jersey

  • Prepare for the process of relocation

If you are on lookout for suitable moving and storage companies in NJ, then you must start your process quickly. If you have a certain deadline, then it is better to hire a reputable company that can make a proper plan based on your business size and quantity of items. There is always a chance that you may forget to pack certain items in a proper manner due to last-minute delays. Therefore, you must also take into consideration the need for packaging services.

  • How to find good movers in New Jersey

Don’t leave the job of finding the moving company for the last minute. Otherwise, you may end up hiring unreliable moving companies for your office move to Jersey City. If they find that you are in a rush for time, they might raise the price. Therefore, take some well ahead of schedule to find a reliable and reputed mover, one that will charge a reasonable price. You can either seek recommendation or search for companies on the web and interview each one. Try to get a written offer from each of them and then negotiate so that you can hire the most ideal company at the right price.

You must read the contract very carefully and make sure that there are no hidden charges involved in the deal. Do not sign any contract before reading it several times.

  • Remain within your budget

Do not agree to high price demands by the moving company just because you are hiring them at the last moment. Every company charges different rates and their services quality may also be different accordingly. Make sure that you are paying the right price according to the distance of your move and the amount of time that is needed. Just look at the following factors while looking over their estimates:

  1. Moving distance. There are lots of differences in quotes for local long-distance moves. In case you are moving overseas, then movers will take time to give their offer.
  2. Number of belongings. The larger the number of items and packing materials, the more prices may vary.
  3. Workforce needed. If your number of items or their weight/size are large, then there may be more labor force needed. And this can increase the price accordingly.
  4. Any additional services. If you have need of packing and unpacking services, or any other services from the movers, then the expenses will increase.
  5. Any specialty items. If you need to move delicate or special items or pets.

Tips to make relocation process easy and smooth

During your office move to Jersey City, you would be wise to use the following tips, so that your relocation turns into a memorable experience:

  • Start planning well ahead of time. If you are a small company, then you need to start planning at least 2 to 3 months before the actual day of the move. For larger companies, it is necessary to plan 6 to 12 months ahead of time.
  • Make inventory lists for each department. You must assign responsibility to each area in-charge to make an inventory list of the office supplies that need to be moved to the new location.
  • Create a proper schedule. It is necessary to coordinate with your mover and share the address of the new location. Provide them with the inventory lists and plan a proper schedule of your relocation.
  • Discuss everything with your employees. Involve your employees in every aspects of your office move to Jersey City, so that they can remain prepared as per schedule.
  • Update your company address. You need to print new stationeries, business cards etc. with the new address.
  • Coordinate with new premise. You must get in touch with the owners of new location, so that they provide you all the access when your items reach the new location.
  • Create the floor plan at new location. Before the relocation, you need to make proper layout plan of where to place the furniture and other equipment.
  • Prepare for electrical, utility lines. Make sure that all utilities are set in the right place before your office move to Jersey City.
  • Mail to all your associates. Mail your new location address and contact details to all your customers and suppliers. During the movement process you have to work in close coordination with your movers.

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