How to Check Tree’s Health in Winter?

Trees not only build an ecosystem for livings but also provide huge benefits to all habitats. They also enhance the beauty of the environment. In winter, when trees’ dormant period starts, their energy slows down in this season. Some people consider they might be dead as they have exposed branches and limited activity in the winter season. But, there is nothing to worry if it happens to your yard trees as it is a completely a normal process. If, you still want to verify your tree’s health, you should consult an arborist Mississauga. We have described here some simple ways that help you to verify the tree health.


  • Test For Budding Life


Green buds are noticed on the tree even when the tree is dormant. If you notice a few green buds on the tree in winter, do not worry your tree is in good health and will definitely bloom in the coming spring. But, if you notice any dryness and brittleness on your tree, then you have to test a few branches of it to verify the fate of the tree as a whole. Moreover, if you notice your tree leaf fall more than the past winter season, it could also be a sign of tree dying.


  • Examine The Tree Trunk


Besides the dormant in winter, the tree should grow back. If your tree is growing bark in winter, it is a symptom of tree’s good health and it is not dying. On the other side, if you notice the truck is getting cracked, then your tree is dying. In such a case, you must consult a professional to remove your tree.


  • Scratch Test


You can also check the tree twigs to verify that your tree is dormant or dead? You can either use your fingertips or a sharp knife to scratch a tiny spot on any twig if you find the immediate layer after the bark is green and moist it is a sign of a healthy tree. On the other hand, if you notice brown and brittle layer just after the bark, it could be a sign of tree is drying.

If you still not sure about your tree health after examining the all above mentioned tests on your tree, you should take help from an arborist. An arborist will examine your tree thoroughly and let you know what should be done further.

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