How Do You Know the Right Sofa for Your Home?

Every living room has to be filled up with a few of these. It is an investment every house owner is expected to make and this goes a long way to serve its hospitality and decorative purpose.

#1: Try it out before you take it home

Don’t ever think all sofas are comfortable. They should be but some can be too hard to be called sofas. A normal sofa should be subtle enough to allow a depth of 60cm when sat on. This depth gives sufficient space to make you comfortable while seating, allow you to stretch your legs they are long and still feel alright if they’re not.

However, seat pits vary; make sure you try out the different styles available and confirm that they are comfortable enough. Talking about heights, sofas have a general height that is acceptable; some could be short depending on what you want. As for the width, if you’d like something you can stretch in, those that have armrests and those that do not.

#2: Spend on a quality frame

Investing in good frames, depending on what you can afford though, is a really good decision. Frames that will stand the test of time and those that are durable enough to sustain the weight of the several people that will be seating on them for a long time are what you’re looking for. Hardwood is usually the best option, they guarantee a very long-lasting quality, some even last throughout your lifetime. At the same time, watch out for other materials like metals, it’s not what you want. You can check some furniture specialist store like Magasin spécialiste d’éclairage Le Studio Luminaires for the best choice of sofa.

#3: The fabric is just as important

No one will agree less, the different patterns; solid colors whatever they are represent their ability to make your home attractive. Choose carefully making all sorts of considerations such as the color of the paintings of your wall, the general color of the furniture at home, the texture of the fabric natural or synthetic and so on. If you have a large family or one that is involved in a lot of activities or the sofa is to serve public purposes, it’s good to opt for solid dark colors.

#4: Is it cushioned enough?

This is where the comfort lies.  Whether feather or foam whatever is used, make sure it is comfortable. Foam filled cushions are known to lose their shape over time so a combination of both is advisable.

#5: Sofa length vs. available space

Assess the dimensions of your space and doors, measure the sofa, the width as well as the length that will be perfect for your space.

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