Home Security Locks – An Introduction

There are many types of locks used for home security. It’s important to make your home as secure as possible to keep burglars out so you’ll want to know what types of locks are used for home security. It is strongly advised to get an experienced Locksmith to install any new door lock you are considering purchasing, so it is fitted well and more importantly secures your property!

All your windows and doors should be closed and locked every time you leave your home. Buildings near your home such as garages or sheds should also be securely locked. A burglar’s intention is to get in and out of your home quickly without anyone noticing, so you’ll want to make it difficult for him to enter. It’s best to have a lock made with solid metal components that make a lock heavy and strong. Combination locks are another idea.

What type of locks are used for home security?

One of the main locks used is the Mortice lock. This is an ideal lock to prevent a break in because it actually becomes part of the structure of the door. It’s installed directly inside the wood or timber. The Mortice lock is inserted into a slot that’s cut from the door. Holes are also cut through the door for handles and for a place where keys can be inserted. Make sure the Mortice lock you buy is of the best quality, so you have the strong protection.

Deadbolt locks adjust to fit all standard door preparations and are simple to install. A well-made deadbolt lock offers advanced protection for your home. No matter if a burglar uses a crowbar, hammer, wrench, saw, or lock pick he will probably not get in. Deadbolt locks are different from regular knob locks because they’re not spring-loaded. Turning the bolt in the lock is the only way to open the deadbolt so they enhance your home security. There are several different kinds of deadbolt locks, but the interlocking rim deadbolt is especially secure. They interlock with the strike on the doorframe through a vertical deadbolt. The deadbolt lock is a great option if you want to know what types of locks are used for home security.

A keyless doorknob lockset will give you keyless security for your home. You choose a personal 2-8-digit personal security code so only you can enter. Most locksets accept at least six security codes. An alarm or other loud sound goes off if someone tries to figure out your code. Locksets usually have a glow-in-the dark keypad, so you can see when you enter your security code. Three kinds of keyless locks are combination, pushbutton, and fingerprint. The pushbutton type of keyless lock gives you the most security because it often works with a deadbolt. It’s also very difficult to break.

The Ultimate lock is one of the most secure locks and is included in the answer to what types of locks are used in home security. This lock is so strong that it not only protects you from burglars but also strong winds and other kinds of bad weather. Features include two deadbolts to increase the strength of your door and make it kick-proof. It withstands up to 4.000 lbs of force. It has a lock out button that causes a key to be useless if it’s pressed. The ultimate lock is also resistant to lock picking.

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