Here Comes Your Brief Yet Helpful Lawn Care Guide 

Dreaming and wishing for a lush garden in your back or front yard is something that is so easy and sounds great too. But having one actually in your house or office is something that asks and demands a lot of time, patience and some basic skills too. A lawn care guide can be very helpful even for amateur lawn owners.

The lawn care guide is divided into segments in which care tips are based on different seasons.


Spring is the liveliest season for a lush and colorful garden. Right with the start of spring season, you must do spring cleaning. This growing and mowing season requires a lot of cleaning of dead grass and remnants which were left over of crabgrass, goosegrass, barnyard grass and many others. It’s time to pick up all the sticks and debris that were left over through the winters.

You must check the deck height of your grass mower and use sulky for walk behind mowers. It has to be at maximum height so that the minimum length of grass gets cut. In this was all the grass plants will get healthier and thicker grass roots due to which they will also grow healthily. Moreover thick and long grass will keep the weeds away.


With start of summer season, you expect the grass to be healthy and lush. So keep it little long when you mow it. In case there were grubs last year then you should be ready to treat before summer starts. Spot and locate all the invasions through which beetles creep inside. They are very disastrous for the healthy grass. They start eating up the healthy grass roots and leave dead patches on the lawn surface. To apply any treatment, early summer or late spring is the most suitable time.

Watering the grass sufficiently and adequately is very important during summers. You should water 1 inch once a week. Sufficient watering will help the grass get thicker and stronger.

Fall season

If there are any patches or bare areas in your garden then autumn is the best season to work on it. All you need to do is to remove all the dead grass. Take a garden trowel and break up the entire soil. Take any good compost and put in thoroughly into the soil. Then you can add grass seeds that are especially designed to give a full shade. Make sure the seeds are spread evenly and there is no bare patch left. Now use grass sprinkler clips over all the patches in order to prevent the entire soil from getting dried. Lastly, water the area adequately.

In case you are fond of a lush garden but are least interested in doing the gardening on your own, then you are in need of hiring a trained and professional gardener. He can be the best professional to help you take care your garden in the best possible way. You can either hire a full time gardener or can get him on contractual basis.

James Stone

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