Functions of a Roofing System

Today, roofing in Memphis use materials that are capable to stand still due to the extreme weather conditions in the said area. More often than not, people experience hail storms and heavy rainfall in Memphis. The roofing systems and designs in the said area are dependent on the climate elements to suffice the need of protection of houses and buildings alongside its residents and occupants.

Now, this is actually an example of a specific function of a roofing system – the protection from different climate elements and weather conditions. Generally, there are three main functions that a roofing system is intended to.

These functions actually are the all inclusive purposes of a roofing system to a certain home and building.


A roofing system serves as insulation. The insulation properties of a roofing system apparently depend on the materials being used in constructing and building the roofs. There are countries which use Thatch which is a very fibrous material. Note that a good insulation material is the one made up of mainly fibers, and one good example is the Thatch. Other countries who don’t use such material, install additional and extra insulation layers usually on top of the outer layer of a normal roofing system.

The insulation serves as a protection from intense heat and cold. It is actually the one responsible for absorbing the unnecessary volume of the heat and cold which are usually harmful and may impose huge risks and danger to residents and occupants.


One of the main roles of a roofing system is to take away the water. The roofing system is supposed to be designed as a repellants of water from rains and the like. It is intended to be designed with distinct passages and paths such the gutters to keep out the water from coming inside the house and other parts of the house that must not be wet.

This is actually the main reason why most roofs are designed to be slightly sloped and inclined. There are only several cases in which owners and residents prefer the flat-surfaced roofs which apparently need more additional designs in terms of keeping the water away from getting inside and from causing inconveniences.

Solar Roofs

Due to the advancement and integration of the modern technology, solar roofs have become one of the main functions of a roof. Solar roofs are usually expensive because of its extensive and efficient properties that generate the overall electricity, thus, omits the need of energy and electricity providers or services.

Irene Davis

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