From Renting to First-Time Buyers

As I am writing this, my fiancée and I are currently renting, so in writing this, it will give us ideas for when we become first-time buyers as well. So I hope I can show other people how they can become first-time buyers from renting apartments for so long. Our goal in the next 5 years, or maybe less, is to save up enough to buy our first home. So these tips and suggestions I will be sharing with you, are things we plan to do or are currently doing.

  1. Create A Vision (Goals) You want to think about what you want in your first official home. Look around at some of the houses near by, to get some ideas. You can go look at houses for sale without actually buying. People nowadays are even using the internet. Pinterest is the social media platform that most people are using now, creating boards for different areas of the house. Set long term goals you know you can work on and achieve.
  2. Budget & Finances Create a budget goal. This is something that me and my fiancée are currently working on right now, is budgeting and saving. We watch what we spend money on, we save receipts. Set up a bank account to put money in there on the side, and not touch it, unless you absolutely have to. But use that money to save up, to have that cushion to buy the house you want. Bills will definitely be a big part of a house as well. So just learn to work within your budget and make sure you pay for what’s needed first, before you end up buying extra things.
  3. Prepare your credit score Credit scores are definitely a crucial part in purchasing a home, for a loan or mortgage. You want to make sure both scores for you and your spouse or partner are in good standing. This is another thing we are working on ourselves. I will admit, both of ours are a bit low, but we’re working on them to get them back to good standing, that way when it comes time, we will the chance of having a decent mortgage or if we would take out a loan.
  4. Good neighborhood surroundings This is definitely an element you want to consider when looking for your first home. Go ahead and meet your future neighbors, ask them if the neighborhood is a good place to live. Make sure you’re in a good school district if you have kids, or want more kids. Look for nice backyard areas for the kids to play in, and if they’re in an area to make new friends as well. You can find long lasting friendships in a good neighborhood.
  5. You may have to play the handyman When you’re renting, you know you can just call your landlord when a problem arises and it needs fixed, but when you move into your first home, you’ll have to learn to fix things yourself. Usually when it comes to fixing things, the wife has the husband fix everything. But if it comes down to it, the wife will sometimes have to do things herself. There will be small or big problems that will need fixed and are your responsibility since it’s your home.

Overall, I hope these 5 tips I’ve shared with you help you from being renters to officially buying your first home. Especially coming from someone with personal experience, my fiancée and I are implementing these tips whenever it comes time to buy our first home together. When you do this, you’re making a commitment to each other and your future. Make sure you keep a budget when it comes to home improvement and bills, make sure you keep the property clean and take care of your house, and make sure you surround yourself with support from the best real estate agencies. If you seek Condos for sale Hua Hin this agency will be perfect for you. They provide professional services and have a huge variety of properties for sale and rent.

Megan Martin

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