Frequently asked questions (FAQ) about termites

While living in Santa Clara County is a lovely experience, pests such as termites may undermine your experience. However, with the help of termite exterminators in Santa Clara County, it is possible to keep your home free from termites.

Here are some frequently asked questions about termites

What are leading sings of a termite infestation?

Since termites feed on wood, the sign of their presence in your home is the damage to the inner structures. If you notice blisters in wood flooring that resemble water damage or evidence of swarms, especially discarded termite wings indoors, then you have a termite problem. Also, hollowed word on floors and the walls is a sign of termites since they chew through wood. Hollowed wood also harbors honeycombs. Other signs of termite infestation include mud tubes and dry wood termite droppings.

Do termites actually feed on wood?

Yes, termites feed on the cellulose found in wood. Naturally, termites are involved in the organic decomposition of matter and break down wood into microparticles to provide nutrients required by plants. Termites are well adapted to digest cellulose found in wood. Thus, they’ll score the earth in search of food, and with the help of bacteria and enzymes in their bodies, they eat massive amounts of wood.

How Much Damage can termites Cause?

On average, termites cause immense damages in US homes annually, estimated at a value of $5 billion in total. In fact, they’re more harmful than floods, fires, and tornadoes.

Can termites make their way through concrete?

No, termites can’t eat their way through concrete. However, they pass through cracks as tiny as 0.03125 inches. Such cracks are common, especially in areas where plumbing works drill through your walls.

What is the lifespan of termites?

Termites have an average lifespan of about 1 to 2 years. However, a queen termite can live for several decades.

How do you identify a termite?

Termites are often mistaken for white ants. In fact, they have no resemblance to ants. While termites have pigmented bodies and two pairs of wings of equal size and similar shape, ants have densely pigmented bodies with three body parts and narrow “waists” complemented by elbowed antennae. In particular, termite workers are soft-bodied, pale, and one-quarter of an inch in length. However, they seem like they have a head and body since their thorax is broadly joined at their abdomen. Another unique feature that distinguishes them is their straight antennae.

How can protect my new build from termite infestation?

There are select states that require the construction of a new home to implement soil pretreatment for the control of termites. In most cases, the financier, usually a mortgage lender requires the soil pretreatment. However, you can hire termite exterminators in Santa Clara County to carry out a soil pretreatment to protect your new house against the threat of termite infestation.

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