Everything You Need to Know about Carpentry for Timber Framed Windows


Windows are an eye-catching option for any home especially if they are made from natural timber. They’re also durable, environmentally friendly, and effective at insulation. Given this, it’s small wonder that they’re an increasingly popular choice for new homes throughout the UK today, particularly in rural areas (where they often match the existing local aesthetic quite nicely).

If you are considering timber framed windows for your home or other property, you’ll want to have them installed by an experienced carpenter. Here are a few things to bear in mind regarding the process, what the carpenter will use, and how the installation will most likely work.Image result for Everything You Need to Know about Carpentry for Timber Framed Windows

  • What Type of Wood is Used?

Timber framed windows may be made out of a softwood, such as fir or spruce, or out of a hardwood, such as oak, idigbo or sapele.

Softwood is less expensive, and is easier to shape. This makes it a favorite choice for many people, particularly when buying on a budget. However, softwood absorbs moisture more readily than hardwood, with the latter having the advantage in overall stability and durability. Either form is visually appealing, while providing good insulation.

If you opt for hardwood windows, oak has been a popular choice for centuries, having been long admired for its inherent beauty. Oak is durable and resilient, and is very good at insulating. Today, it is widely produced from sustainable sources, an ever-increasing concern in a society that is becoming much more environmentally aware.

  • What Comes First?

A reputable carpenter will always inspect the windows they are installing first, to ensure that they are of the proper size and shape, and are undamaged. Even a small crack can have a ripple effect through time with regard to heating and air conditioning costs. Many carpenters are happy to explain what they’re doing as they go, and can point out where flaws in timber framed windows frequently occur, for your benefit.

  • How Does Installation Work?

The process of installing a window is reliant upon several skills, including careful fitting, the ability to drive a nail in straight, and a good eye for checking level and plumb. Your carpenter will use a variety of tools to achieve proper installation. These will typically include the following:

  • A tape measure
  • A hammer
  • A drill, with a screwdriver drill bit
  • A pry bar
  • A handsaw, as well as a reciprocating saw
  • A level
  • A stapler
  • A caulk gun
  • Tin snips

Your carpenter may or may not rely upon the use of wood screws for part of the installation, but a variety of nails will be required regardless. These include casing nails, and finish nails. They will also require wood putty, shims, insulation, and exterior caulk; this is where a professional’s experience comes in handy.

Staples are required for the insulation, while roofing felt and building wrap may also be needed.

Irene Davis

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