Classy Glass Interiors to Create the Perfect Space

Are you searching for commercial glazed partitions for your business premises? Choosing the right product can create perfect spaces for your company requirements. In addition to efficiently dividing up floor spaces, glazed partitions can look at great, enhancing your environment. Glass Interiors are expert providers of commercial glazing services and we can help you with any glazing requirements. We offer a wide selection of products depending on your preferences. Form glass balustrades and free-standing glass screens, to automatic doors and folding walls – we supply virtually every essential glass structure.

Frameless Glass Partitions

What type of glass partition do you prefer? We supply both single and double glazed partitions for you to choose from. The main difference between the two products is that double glazed partitions have a higher acoustic performance. Our single glazed partitions provide up to 38dB, whereas the double glazed product has a maximum 47dB acoustic rating. Natural light can flood through these screens into your workplace producing a light, airy feel. Rather than closing any space, these partitions create individual offices with an open feel, but with a sense of privacy for confidential meetings.

SENTRY Glass Balustrades

If you require glass balustrades, we can supply you with our SENTRY Channel Glaze systems. Rather than solid panels obscuring views, these toughened laminated glazing systems provide uninterrupted vistas. These beautifully designed balustrades can enhance any office space for both employees and clients alike. They offer loads from 0.74kN up to 3kN to produce a safe and secure environment. Our standard glass thickness is 10mm or 12mm toughened glass, but we can supply glass up to 25.5mm in thickness. The versatility of glass balustrades is exceptional – the can be used for internal and external applications. How do you know what your design will look like? We will provide you with 3D drawings so that you can see all the details beforehand.

Doors and Entry Systems

Do you require any doors or entry systems? We supply a wide range of doors constructed from different styles and materials for you to choose from. This includes timber and veneer doors, glass sliding doors, glass pivot doors, automatic glass doors, and a massive choice of ironmongery for you to consider. When you think about what we have on offer, there’s nothing that we can’t supply for you to create the perfect office space.

Freestanding Glass Screens

How do you want to configure your office area? It’s hard to know exactly how to create the most productive floor design. Our freestanding glass screens are an excellent solution for greater flexibility in your work premises. You can reconfigure any room within minutes to suit the changing needs of your business. What about for external applications? These screens are suitable for public areas and can be fixed at the base where there is high volume traffic, to create a stable secure facility. The overall effect is a contemporary, clean design to enhance any internal or external area.

This is just a small sample of what we can offer you. Would you like to have more information about our beautiful glass products? You can speak to us now on 020 3793 5455, or why not fill in our online contact form today?

Lucille Brian

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