Best Latex Mattress Manufacturers in the Market

Now-a-days, buying a latex mattress is gaining popularity among the customers who are environment friendly and health conscious. Before purchasing the mattress, customer should consider its features, manufacturing process, reviews of the mattress and reputation of the manufacturing company. Check what are some of the top latex mattresses out there

Some of the Top Manufacturers:

Brookyln Bedding Best Mattress Ever is the king of Latex Mattress in the market. These are not 100% latex mattresses. This company has a reputation of 22 years in mattress industry. Learn more about what are some of the top latex mattresses out there.

Sleep On Latex Pure Green Mattress is made from 100% latex mattress made with organic materials. It uses 100% natural latex foam, cotton fabric and organic New Zealand wool to manufacture this pure green mattress. This company is established 4 years ago and is now best seller of latex mattress in mattress industry. Pure Green Latex Mattress contains absolutely no synthetic latex and the core layer of the mattress is filled with Dunlop latex foam. The knit fabric is designed with 100% cotton for soft and cool effect for quilt backing.  Uses New Zealand wool to add a thin soft layer to the mattress, which helps in resisting fire during accidents. This also provides three levels of firmness for different users. Comes in 9 inch and 7 inch thickness mattresses. It also gives 10 year warranty to the customers.project

Nest Bedding Mattress is a hybrid latex mattress consists of a 3 inch natural latex layer on the top which is covered by organic cotton fabric and wool. The base consists of a 5 zone pocketed individually wrapped coil unit, 1100 coils. Offers medium, firm and split latex layer options. Provides an option to create a custom sleep environment. The sleeping surface is 100% latex. No memory foam is used in this mattress, so no chance for off gassing. This company gives a whopping of 20 year warranty to this mattress.

Plush BedsThe Botanical Mattress is a 100% natural latex mattress. All PlushBeds mattresses are GreenGuard Gold Certified. These mattresses are beneficial to especially children and the elderly people, as they are free from harmful chemicals, heavy metals, mercury, lead, chloroform, CFC’s, prohibited phthalates.

Roma Natural Latex Mattress It has 100% natural Dunlop latex and has a soft cotton cover. One side it provides medium plush and other side it has firm firmness. This mattress is free from VOC’s.

Lucid plush memory foam and latex mattress has Two inches of natural latex sandwiched between 4 inches of memory foam and a 10-inch high density foam base create a plush mattress. It has ventilated design which improves airflow. This is a 16 inch latex plus memory foam mattress. It has 1 inch bamboo charcoal memory foam on the top for a skin-safe cover.

Dreamfoam ultimate dreams latex mattress

This Company provides a range of mattresses from full latex mattress to latex plus memory foam mattress in custom firmness and thickness. Customers have the flexibility to exchange the mattress if it is too soft or too firm.


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