5 Tips On How To Repair Leaks Without Breaking The Wall

One of the biggest concerns when repairing leaks is the result of the procedure in the building. It often breaks several walls that have plumbing problems, resulting in an expensive and laborious renovation. This break is a major inconvenience and, therefore, should be performed only to the extent necessary and by contractors that specializes in the job. Here are five tips to guide you:

  1. Break Only Where There Is A Problem

When you see the result of a leak, such as large stains and the appearance of mold, do not take any hasty action, such as breaking the entire wall. This is not indicated, as it may cause damage and problems even more significant than the leak itself.

The ideal is to learn to identify where there is some flow. Several times there is only a small hole or rupture, which ends up spreading water, with many consequences. The best solution is to determine which part of the plumbing is causing the infiltration and make breaks only in that place to solve your problem then.

  1. Learn How To Use A Hole Plug

The right solution is to use a stopper in your leak. A screwdriver kit consists of PVC pieces with a shape similar to that of a screw and a tube of glue.

Its use is effortless and practical. After carefully breaking the wall and only where necessary, you will see the hole causing the problem. You will then glue the appropriately sized piece of PVC, covering the hole.

It is common to carry out the same procedure using PVC pipes. However, the hole plug is more suitable, as it is already suitable for this.

  1. Use Technology To Identify The Location Of The Hole

If before it was necessary to cause a big breaker to find the flow location finally, today it is no longer necessary. Devices are available on the market capable of accurately and quickly indicating the location of the leak.

  1. Perform Preventive Maintenance On Your Plumbing

Pipelines need periodic maintenance to guarantee their functionality, in addition to detecting possible failures. Thus, you will know where the pipes need more attention, avoiding holes, and, if they occur, you will have a greater direction of where they will be.

  1. Hire A Company Specializing In Repairing Leaks

whether you are the type who likes to solve problems on their own, sometimes hiring a company or to find an expert can be the best solution.

After all, depending on the severity of the situation, only professionals trained with the necessary technical tools will resolve the situation efficiently. Also, they will be able to assist you in carrying out preventive maintenance, preventing new plumbing problems from occurring.


James Loveland

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