24 hour residential locksmith tells which is safer cameras or locks

A 24 hour residential locksmith has determined which is safer; security cameras protect your home as well high security lock. Before stating which one is safer, it is better to discuss about each of them separately first.

Security cameras

There are two main types of cameras. There are big cameras and there are hidden cameras. The hidden cameras will not be seen by the intruder but the footage will be recorded. On the other hand, the big camera is big and it can serve as deterrent to burglars. When they see it, chances are high that they will exit your property

However, some of them can evade its view since they have seen it and know where it covers. Except if you have to install several cameras in such a way that if a burglar tries to dodge one of them, he will be exposed to a very clear view of another.

One thing about cameras is that you may also have to hire someone that will monitor the footages constantly. Footage can only help in case of an unmasked burglar. What if the burglars masked themselves?

The point is, cameras alone can’t really give your home enough security. They only record the footage of burglary or theft. So, you may have to support the installations of your cameras by hiring someone that will monitor their footages so that he can raise alarm when burglary is being carried out.

On the other hand, you could install an alarm system that will alert you when there is any form of intrusion. There are systems that will alert you wherever you are and you can call the cops immediately. The point is that you will keep monitoring the footage of the cameras.

High security lock

This one prevents burglars from gaining access into your home. There are several types of locks and the more sophisticated they are, the more expensive they will be. Unfortunately, no lock can guarantee you 100 percent security. You may have to add a few security tips to make your home highly secure. A camera does not prevent burglary but it records it while a high security locks prevents burglary. It does not record burglary.

It is better to install a high security lock first. This will prevent burglary. However, if cost is not a constraint, it is better to hire a residential locksmith to install both the cameras and the lock. They will complement each other. Each of them has its pros and cons. So, the most secured properties are the ones that have both high lock security lock and either hidden cameras or big obvious ones.

In addition, lock manufacturers keep improving all the time and so do camera companies. It is a good idea to keep checking their most recent products. This is because the security provided by locks is getting higher.

James Stone

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